About Cense Media

CENSE Media is the licensee and the marketing arm for 2 of the latest radio stations to hit the Malaysian airwaves. They are KUPIKUPI 96.3FM in Sabah and CITY Plus 106FM in Seremban and 92.5FM in Kuching.
Our Radio Stations
KUPIKUPI 96.3FM in Sabah is the only radio station that is fully run by a team of young, enthusiastic Sabahans, offering listeners news, useful information and fresh ideas to shape and strengthen their collective identity. Listeners are entertained and educated on topics ranging from customs and traditions to social-economic development, global and social trends, health and nutrition as well as agriculture. Another unique feature of the station is that 80% of the songs played are local Sabahan songs, thus giving the local entertainers a platform and the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Website: www.kupikupifm.my

CITY Plus FM is Malaysia’s first and truly dedicated Chinese business station. It aims to address and meet the needs of the Chinese-speaking business community and SME market, which forms more than 80% of all SMEs in Malaysia. The core purpose of the station is to empower Malaysians with business skills and knowledge to help expand and grow their business. The tagline “环球直通”– Global Express/Direct Access to the World”, sums up the core essence of CITY Plus FM which is empowering our listeners to become global citizens by giving them access to the latest, updated global business information with speed.

Website: www.cityplusfm.my